Selected Sinners Book V, “Big Jack’s Book”, coming in mid-August. Here’s the first four chapters as promised

Can’t wait for this book….if you haven ‘t read the first four in the series, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

Scott Hildreth


A kiss doesn’t begin with a lean in or the pressing of my lips against another’s. It doesn’t begin with eye contact or an understanding, nor is it initiated by the mere anticipation of what is to certainly come.

For me, a proper kiss begins with a firm hand on my throat – a firm but caring hand. A hand not only securing my attention and shifting my focus, but one which will remind me of where my devotion and trust lie. A hand from a man capable of protecting me, nurturing me, and guiding me. Contrary to the belief of the unknowing, the steady grip on my throat from a man who loves me as much as I love him is not something I fear, it is my desire.

And it’s what precedes a kiss.


Sexually speaking, Jack Shephard owns me. I am his to do with…

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